Evolution = Conscious Mind – Almost like E=MC2?

I found I preferred Evolution = Conscious Mind after listening to an audio program when I heard Dr. Robert Anthony use the term Ego equals Conscious Mind. That got me thinking.

It almost sounded like that famous equation E=MC squared. “Energy = mass times the speed of light squared”.

In simple terms Einstein’s equation states that energy and mass (or matter) are virtually identical. When the right circumstances are present, energy can manifest as mass, and mass as energy.

Ego = Conscious Mind

So, when I thought of E=CM squared and Ego equalling Conscious Mind, what came to mind is that ego is often attached to something negative. I saw all the layers of thoughts that we internalise, building one on top of the other. All those thoughts that as children we accept as being gospel because we know nothing else.

When we’re young, we’re an open book, a blank slate being written first by our parents and as we grow, perhaps by siblings, teachers, and peers. We’re a garden freshly tilled waiting for seeds of consciousness to be planted. What we hear, what we see, what we feel, – these are the nutrients that we put on our garden. Depending on the mental and emotional content of these nutrients, we can have a flourishing garden or be overrun with weeds.

The more a single idea (be careful – that’s hot) is layered into our minds, and couple that with a physical experience of very hot or being burnt or scalded, that idea becomes subconscious. We know that we know it without thinking. When confronted with something cooking on the stove, or an open fire we now have an instinct that keeps us safe.

Fire is a physical threat. Physical violence is a physical threat. We also have emotional and mental threats to our well-being. More bolstering of our egos to deal with these layers of safety. Sometimes not necessarily serving our bests interests.


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All those are responses to outside influences. Then we have influences that are detrimental to our evolution that we impose on ourselves.

• The times we say, “I can’t do this”.
• The times we feel shy meeting new people and then it happens again and again until we have embedded it into our consciousness that we’re shy.
• Times we’ve got up in front of people to speak. We jabber away not really knowing what to say and at the end of it what we’ve said. We’re embarrassed about this inability and wish the ground would just swallow us up. Another layer.
• Anytime fear creates a black hole in our psyche becomes a layer.
• When our self-esteem won’t allow us to step forward into an opportunity becomes a layer and on and on it goes.
Is it any wonder that that life seems such a struggle?



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This isn’t just e=cm² its e=cm³, then to the 4th power, 5th power. It builds exponentially and becomes habitual behaviour.

Then we may reach a breaking point. We realise that, yes, some of these things are our ego keeping us necessarily safe, but there are other things we’ve swallowed along the path that are just not serving us anymore. Stuff we need to ditch like a shirt that doesn’t fit anymore. Throw away the coat of habits that aren’t user friendly. Get ourselves a new wardrobe.

And it’s not only a metaphorical wardrobe we may have to get rid of because of mental and emotional garb that no longer fits or serves us. There may be elements of our physical wardrobe that require changing. In our physical wardrobe there may be items that we haven’t worn because they’ve gone out of fashion or don’t suit us anymore.

Decluttering on the physical plane can affect us on the other planes as well and vice versa. Sure, we can make our spaces tidier, but we may need to make room for new clothes.

Evolution = Conscious Mind

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How do we rid ourselves of these ego constructs that have embedded themselves in our subconscious? Once we donned it as an overcoat to protect us from a sudden shower and as time has gone on it has become an armour that weighs us down.

If we consider the law of attraction this armour sits in our subconscious and sabotages the good things we’re trying to initiate in our lives. Shyness, self-esteem, fear – all armour that can keep us from authentically showing up in the world.

We may be productive members of society, bringing a valuable contribution to the world and on another level be stuck. Deep in our subconscious we’ve got a

going on keeping us from moving forward. Here’s the ego reaching out from our subconscious still trying to keep us safe and we may be unaware of the effect it’s having on our evolution.

Often it has something to do with our relationships. If we find ourselves being inexplicably angry at a situation or a person this can be a marker for something going on subconsciously. By looking more closely at what the person or situation represents to us we can gain clarity as to a remedy. It could be a health issue, or financial, relational, or vocational.

Create affirmations, listen to hypnotic suggestion audios, create goals around reversing these counter intentions and then take action steps toward their achievement. All these things if done consistently will bring about change. There may not be immediate affects and the real benefits may only show up after some time has gone by. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

If you’ve not yet wrapped your mind around what your counter intention is you may need some help. Often those closest to us can see pieces of our personality that we’re oblivious to.

If you’ve got a good partner or friend who you can allow to be brutally honest with you, get them to give you an idea of where they think your shortcomings are. This could be a good indicator of what counter intentions may be at work in your life.

What does this mean for healing?

What does this mean for healing?

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So, once you’ve got a head lock on what counter intention is you’ll have some idea of how the ego created this consciousness. From here you can make the changes required to move past this. You can learn what it’ll take to evolve your mind into a consciousness that is more aligned with who you want to be. But what does this mean for healing?

Once you know how you want to be then you’ll instinctually know what you’ll have to do. Once that doing flows from your being you’ll enjoy the benefits of having. When you’re working towards healing especially if it is a chronic complaint, there’ll be multiple layers to deal with. Often it is not a simple fix. We wish it was.

Each step toward healing we sow a seed, and then another. And just like clearing out our wardrobe it helps to keep weeding this inner garden. By nurturing the good plants in the garden as they grow the weeds sometimes fade as our garden flourishes. They’ll still be there, but because they’re not getting the same amount of light their growth is inhibited.

When we do what is beneficial for our healing and are consistent with we creating a healing atmosphere. as I mentioned previously – create affirmations, listen to soothing music. There is so much on YouTube. You’ll find something to create that healing mood. And take actions that move you towards being in full health.

Your thoughts create your reality, the more you think about something it can become concretized into a belief. Be careful with your thoughts. Be gentle with them. It can be easy to attach yourself to negative thoughts which become negative beliefs.

It’s thought that 75% of our self talk is negative. If we can catch it as a thought and change it we can begin to create neural pathways in our brain. The stronger we build those pathways of positive beliefs the more solid they become. When we change our mind, we can change our life.

These neural pathways are like branches on a tree, a tree which started as a seed and gathered all the nutrients from its environment. The tree is the repository of all your thoughts and depends on the quality of your mindset.

Find the thought that lights a spark within you that will light the lantern to bring you out of the tunnel of your suffering in onto the pathway back to health. Create a mind that is conditioned to heal rather than remaining in the space of dis-ease and suffering. Be kind to yourself.


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